Council, mayor, school board seats to be decided Tuesday

Sarah Hawley

October 29, 2013

MEIGS COUNTY — One week from today residents of Meigs County will take to the polls to determine who will serve as members of council, mayor, school board members and township trustees.

Some of the most heated races involve the village of Pomeroy and Middleport.

In Pomeroy, the mayor seat which was left vacant by the resignation of Mary McAngus earlier this year will be decided between candidates Jackie Welker and Donnie A. May. Welker has been serving as village mayor since the resignation of McAngus.

Four council seats are also up for grabs in Pomeroy, with seven candidates seeking those spots. Incumbent candidates are Philip M. Ohlinger, Luke James Ortman, Robert Dru Reed, and Victor C. Young III. Kenneth Klein, Nancy Schartiger and write-in candidate Donald Allen May are opposing the incumbents.

In Middleport eight candidates, including one write-in, are seeking the four available council seats. Incumbent candidates are Sandra Fultz Brown, Emerson Heighton, Rae Moore, and H. Craig Wehrung. Challengers are Douglas Reed Dixon, Sharon Older, Richard W. Vaughan and write-in candidates David A. Acree.

In the Village of Syracuse, six candidates are competing for the four seats. Incumbent candidate is Roy W. Johnson Jr. Challengers are Lola Hubbard, Eber O. Pickens Jr., Katelyn C. Roberts, Cassandra D. Smith and Stephanie Wiechmann.

The race for Racine council is unopposed with four candidates filed for the four open seats. Candidates are incumbents Ronald L. Clark, George E. Cummins and Tim Hill. The fourth candidate is Robert E. Beegle.

In Rutland, only one candidate, Tyler Barnes, filed for the four open seats.

Also in Syracuse, Floyd A. Graham and Gordon Winebrenner are candidates for the Syracuse Board of Public Affairs.

Each of the three school districts in the country will have a contested race on the ballot.

Two seats are open on the Meigs Local Board of Education, with incumbents Ron Logan and Ryan B. Mahr running to reatin there seats. Logan and Mahr are challenged by James R. Acree Sr., Heather Hawley, and David Hoover.

For Eastern Local School District candidates for the two vacant seats are incumbent Mark W. Hall and challengers E. David Averion and Thomas P. Morrissey.

There are three seats open on the Southern Local Board of Education. Candidates are incumbents Peggy S. Gibbs and Paul Harris along with challengers Brenda S. Johnson and Dennis D. Teaford.

Jeffrey Vogt is the lone candidate from the Athens-Meigs-Perry Educational Service Center.

Candidates for township trustee are as follows,

Bedford: Timothy M. Hall, Shawn M. Hawley, Roger A. Ziegler and write-in candidate Evan Eastman.

Chester: Alan Holter, Rodney L. Keller and Blair Windon.

Columbia: Don Cheadle and Marco Jeffers.

Lebanon: Gary Cooper Jr., Donald R. Dailey and Gregory Weddle.

Letart: Dave Graham, Dean V. Hill, Michael Roush, and Wayne Wilson.

Olive: William R. Osborne and write-in candidates Joshua G. Hayman, Corey Hill and Jackie Westfall.

Orange: Jerry Burke, Michael E. Guess and Roger A. Ritchie.

Rutland: David E. Davis and Steve Lambert.

Salem: Jack L. Ervin, Delmas Goff and H. Dannie Lambert.

Salisbury: Manning K. Roush and Bill Spaun.

Scipio: Tammy Andrus, Robert Butcher and Roger Cotterill.

Sutton: Jerry Hayman, Larry C. Smith and Tom Theiss.

In Letart and Olive townships the unexpired Fiscal Officer term will also be elected. Joan Manuel is the candidate in Letart and Kaleen S. Hayman is the candidate in Olive.