Meigs Board hires personnel, hears bus complaint

Charlene Hoeflich

October 18, 2013

POMEROY — More discussion on the time some students spend on the bus going to and returning home from school took place at the recent meeting of the Meigs Local Board of Education.

It was noted by Dean Harris, transportation director, that route changes and other adjustments are under evaluation after complaints were again heard from a parent whose son is on the bus two hours in the morning to get to school and two hours in the afternoon to get home. While sympathetic to the problem, Board member Ryan Mahr pointed out that there is no law setting a maximum time a student can ride a bus to school. Board member Todd Snowden’s response to the parent’s complaint was that he has a grandson who is on a bus two hours to get to school, but he wasn’t complaining about it.

Personnel hired during the meeting included Delma Karr and Deborah McCoy as substitute cooks; Cayla Adkins, Chad Bonnett, Benita Henson, Betty Hoschar, Bonne Kreseen, Nathan Robinette, Robert Weaver andAmber Willbarger as substitute teachers; and Connie Soulsby, Chasity Martin, Georgetta Sayre, and Rhonda Hess as substitute assistants, all for the remainder of the school year. Tammy Andrus and Laurie Graham were hired as four-hour cooks.

Members convened into executive session for the purpose of discussing hiring and compensation of personnel, as well as to hold a grievance hearing, and to confer with Dean Harris, transportation supervisor.