America: Let’s stop foreign aid

By Charlene Hoeflich

October 13, 2013

Isn’t it funny all those people working for the Federal Government out of work, and we see the news media covering all that every hour every day, but we see no one covering coal miners, power plant workers, railroad and river workers being put out of work by our own government.

We see American programs being cut — food stamps, even Social Security, and yet we still have money for foreign aid to the tune of fifty billion each year.

Americans, we had better wake up. Let’s send a message to Washington — no more taxes, vote no on all tax issues ‘til Washington and our state leaders see the point being made: Stop foreign aid or lose, and stop tax increases. If Americans vote for taxes after this past year, they get what they’re paying for — nothing.

But you can bet those protected by American boys and girls will get their programs paid for.

So America, stop the foreign aid until our national debt is paid in full.

Floyd H. Cleland

Pomeroy, Ohio