Exchanging plants

Charlene Hoeflich

October 8, 2013

MIDDLEPORT — They came with some to share or none to share but went away with all sorts of flowers, grasses and bulbs, at the annual fall plant exchange held at Diles Park in Middleport last week.

Tables were well-filled with a variety of plants free for the taking. Information on how and when to plant them was presented by Hal Kneen, Athens-Meigs Extension Educator to the 30 people or so attending.

Local plant exchanges are held twice annually — one in the spring and the other in the fall — by the Meigs County Master Gardeners and Extension office personnel.

Participants may bring plants from home and exchange them for something different. Or, if you have no plants to bring, you come and get some to take home.

The goal is to encourage the hobby of gardening through the practice of sharing plants and learning how to grow them through the educational tips offered by Kneen.

At last week exchange session, Kneen answered questions about flowers — the best locations for planting them, when to do it, the space involved and whether they can be grown in a pot instead of being planted in the ground.

Among the plants he talked about were pansies, the hardy ones, and mums which sometimes while classified as annuals “over winter,” and the care of dahlias which need to be dug up and stored in boxes over the winter until they can be planted again in the ground again in May.

Attending were several master gardeners, Rick Warner, McCambridge, Yvonne Scally, Alice Wamsley and Karen Werry, who answered questions or gave assistance as requested during the actual exchange process.