Heugel 71st anniversary

September 22, 2013

Robert (Elwood) Heugel and Regina Heugel will celebrate their 71st wedding anniversary on September 22. The family requests cards with goodwill wishes and tidbits about yourself, your family and about Gallipolis. If you remember the couple or any of their children: Harold Heugel, (Roberta) Anne Cornell, Nina Brumfield or their grandchildren: Brad Smith, Kristie (Smith) McLean, Alisa (Smith) Vos, Gregg Smith, Cathy (Heugel) Bryant, Natalie (Brumfield) Rose and Narissa (Brumfield) Trigilio, the family would love to hear from you.

The couple’s address is: 7681 Knightwing Circle Fort Myers, FL 33912.